How to Delete Google Drive Account: Step By Step Guide

Are you searching for how to delete Google Drive account? If, yes then you are at the right place.

Here I will let you know everything about deleting Google drive account.

There is no doubt that Google Drive is an excellent cloud storage service. However, at the end of every service is an end-user. And this end user may get tired of using Google Drive, which might lead them to want to delete their account.

There are several reasons why a person would want or need to delete his or her Google Drive account.

For example, maybe they no longer use it; perhaps someone else has taken over their account, or they felt uncomfortable with the amount of personal information Google has acquired from them.

Whatever a person’s reason for deleting a Google Drive account, it can be done by following a few steps that are shared in this article.

Can I delete Google Drive?

Yes, Google Drive can be deleted. But before you move ahead you must know things clearly.

When a user deletes his or her Google Drive account, he or she will lose access to all their files on Google Drive. This means that all the files saved in Google drive by him/her will be deleted permanently and they’ll no longer have access to it.

The process of deleting a Google Drive account is quite simple, but before you move ahead make sure that you are deleting the right account. The reason for stressing on this point is because once your account gets deleted you cannot get it back! So check twice before taking the final step.

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How To Delete Google Drive Account

It’s important to understand that to delete Google Drive account you have to delete your entire Google account.

As a result, make sure to back up all the data before deleting your Google account. In this way, if something goes wrong you still have the option to recover your files from a backup location.

Follow the steps to learn how to close google drive:

Step 1: Visit this URL on your device and log in using your credentials.

Step 2: Now, in the top-right corner of your screen click on your profile picture.

Step 3: Click on the option “Manage your Google Account”.

manage your google account

Step 4: From your left menu, select the data & privacy option.

Scroll your page and look for More Options. Here, you will find the option to “Delete your Google Account”.

delete your google account

Step 5: Click on it and it will open the confirmation page where you need to log in once again.

Step 6: Delete your Google Account page will be opened where to check two options as shown below.

delete google account button

Note: Please go through the page carefully and read the instructions.

Step 7: Finally click on Delete Account and it will permanently delete your google account.

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How do I permanently delete my Google Drive account?

It is very easy to delete your Google Account and all associated data. Once deleted, it will be completely inaccessible for future use and no one can recover it back. You need to visit the ‘Delete your Google Account’ page from the official Google support page.

How do I recover my Google Account after a permanent deletion?

After deleting or deactivating a Google Account, it is no longer visible in any Google services. However, after some time when no one is accessing your account and if there are no pending operations, the account is automatically deleted from Google servers. If someone does try to log in to it and if there are no pending operations, then they will be prompted for your username and password but if there are any pending operations like a purchase, which you have initiated but not completed, then Google will hold on to those transactions.

What happens when I delete my Google Drive account?

When you delete your Google Drive account, it is no longer visible in the Google Drive interface. Files are not deleted from your computer, but you will no longer have access to them on any of your devices where you’re signed in.

Why should I delete my Google Drive account?

If you would like to stop using Google services or if you’ve decided that you no longer need your account, then deleting the account will free up space for other users on Google Docs.

Can I delete Google Drive from my phone?

If you have a Google Drive app on your phone, deleting it doesn’t delete your account. Deleting the app will only prevent you from using the app to view or edit your files.

Over To You

I hope this article gave you useful information about how to delete google drive account after reading the background information.

Think twice before deleting your account because Google is one of the most used services, and all of your data will be deleted once you delete it.

Follow the steps in the article if you want to delete your Google Drive account.

Thank you for reading.

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