How To Move Photos from Google Drive to Google Photos

Wondering how to move photos from Google Drive to Google Photos? Read on to find more.

Google Photos is a more professional way to preserve photographs, photos, pictures, and so on. To better manage photos and videos, many people prefer to add them from Google Drive to Google Photos. This can be done by dragging and dropping the files from Google Drive into Google Photos.

Why Move Photos from Google Drive to Google Photos?

Newly uploaded photographs and videos from Drive are no longer added to Photos automatically. Similarly, any new photographs or videos added to the Photos app are not copied over to the Drive app’s Photos folder, and any photos or videos you delete from Drive are not removed from Photos.

Similarly, any content you remove from “Photos” is not removed from Drive. To put it another way, the photographs stored in Google Drive need to be transferred manually to Google Photos.

You might also be aware that Google Drive is a simple storage facility for pictures. In addition to some fundamental operations like organizing, sharing, downloading, examining details, etc. Google Drive does not have a built-in way to alter images; instead, you must use programs not associated with Google Drive to modify the image.

When compared to Google Drive, Google Photos offers several significant advantages for image management and editing, including the following:

  • It is now easier to view pictures because you can go through them on your phone on or the Google Photos app. The pictures are organized chronologically, so you can scroll through them to view them in the order of the years in which they were taken.
  • The search function is assisted by artificial intelligence, making it one of the most useful aspects of Google Photos. You can get precise results for virtually anything you enter. It can also differentiate between humans, animals, and plants based on facial recognition.
  • Google Photos includes several extremely fundamental tools for modifying photographs. You have the ability to trim, rotate, and modify the levels, as well as add filters.

To summarize, Google Photos is a photo library application that can perform all of its intended functions. As a result, you can use the helpful functions described above to create photo albums, store videos and photos taken with the camera, or store GIFs that you have downloaded from the application to your phone.

The question, therefore, is, how to move photos from Drive to Google Photos? Well, continue reading to know the solution.

How to Move Photos from Google Drive to Google Photos?

You’ll find in this post a collection of three free and secure methods that have received some positive comments on the Internet on how to move pictures from Google Drive to Google Photos. If you want to successfully transfer pictures from Google Drive to Google Photos, you may try each method in turn.

This article consists of an in-depth explanation of the three methods for transferring images from Google Drive to Google Photos.

Method 1: Download/Upload photos from Google Drive to Google Photos

The process of manually shifting images from the drive to the photos. This strategy works wonderfully if you only have a few pictures to work with. On the other hand, if you want to edit more pictures, continue with the following approach.

Follow these steps on how to move pictures from Google Drive to Google Photos:

Step 1: Launch your internet browser of choice and navigate to

Step 2: Find the folder that contains the pictures you want to move, then open it. You can skip this step if the photos are already stored on the drive. 

Step 3: Make a selection of the photographs you wish to relocate. To pick multiple photographs at once, use and hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the photos.

Step 4: After selecting all the photographs, right-click and select Download.

right click to download

Step 5: This will create a zip file for all of the photographs that you downloaded.

download photos in a zip file

Step 6: Save the compressed folder.

When you finish, you will need to extract the photographs from the zip file and reupload them to Google Photos. To accomplish this, proceed as directed below:

Step 6: Proceed at this time to

Step 6: Simply click the Upload button.

upload button on google photos

Step 7: Because we stored the images on the computer, we will use Computer as our option.

select computer option

Step 8: Choose the files that you want to upload. To select all of the files, press Ctrl and A. You can even drag and drop the photos.

select photos from your computer

Step 9: All chosen photographs will be successfully uploaded to Google Photos.

Note: Remember to remove the files from Google Drive once you have finished working with them; otherwise, they will occupy storage space on both of the services. 

Method 2: Transferring photos from Google Drive to Google Photos via Upload

Typically, you can directly upload the desired photographs’ files or folders from Google Drive to Google Photos. If you are wondering how to move photos from Drive to Google Photos, continue reading. 

Note: Before beginning, you should be aware of the following:

  • The image must have more pixels than 256.
  • It must be a .jpg, .gif, .webp, .tiff, or .raw file type.
  • You must download it from Google Drive and reupload it to Google Photos if you use your Google account for business or school.

Follow the steps to move photos from Drive to Google Photos:

Step 1: Go directly to the Google Photos main page, click “Upload,” then choose “Google Drive” from the drop-down menu.


Step 2: In the pop-up window, choose “My Drive,” after which you can sort photos by file type. When you’ve chosen all of your photos, click “Upload” to upload them.

move photos from drive to google photos
For example, I have selected photos from the recent tab.

Method 3: Move Photos With Google Drive for Desktop App

This backup tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. By utilizing it, you can upload pictures to Google Drive and sync them with Google Photos.

In addition to this, images saved to Google Drive or Photos can be backed up directly from an SD card, camera, or computer.

Follow the given below given steps as to how to move photos from Drive to Google Photos.

Step 1: You should download the Backup and Sync application, then install it on your system computer.

Step 2: Launch the app and sign in with your Google account credential.

Step 3: Now, go to the system tray icon area, and select Google Drive.

Step 4: Click on the settings icon, and from the drop-down menu, select Preferences.

Select preferences

Step 5: Now, add the folder from your computer where the images are located. 

add folder from computer for backup

Step 6: As soon as you add the folder, a settings dialog box appears with two options, as shown in the image.

backup to google photos

Step 7: Choose the second option, i.e., Back up to Google Photos, and click on the Done and Save button.

click on save button

Step 8: Your backup will start syncing to Google photos which you can see in the Activity Tab as shown below.

activity tab on google desktop app

How To Move Photos From Google Photos To Google Drive?

As we have studied all about how to move pictures from Google Drive to Google Photos, you must be wondering how to move Google photos to Google Drive. 

When moving photos from Google Photos to Google Drive, this is the method that is most commonly used. After downloading the content from Google Photos onto your local storage device, you can upload it to Google Drive. 

This process can take significant time if you have many photos and videos to transfer.

Follow the steps to know how to move google photos to google drive:

Step 1: Go to and download the photos you want to upload on Google Drive.

Step 2: Select the desired photos a

select the photos from google photos

Step 3: Go to the top-right corner and click on the three dots option>Download.

download photos from google photos

Step 4: Your download will start in a zip file.

Step 5: Head to and upload the photos from the zip file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do photos in Google Drive show up in Google Photos?

Your existing photos and videos are still in Google Photos and Google Drive. Google Photos backup will continue to work as before.

Does deleting photos in Google Drive also delete in Google Photos?

It doesn’t matter if you delete a photo from your Google Drive or your Google Photos account; the photo will still be there. The only way it could work is if both were synchronized together.


After completing all of these straightforward steps, you can move photos from Google Drive to Google Photos and even sync them. Remember that any modifications you make to the disc will not be reflected in Google Photos and that the same is true in reverse.

The photographs and videos have all been uploaded to the storage space provided by Google. When you have finished re-uploading the images, delete them from Google Drive so that you can make more room.

I hope you find the post to be educational and useful; if you do, please spread the word to those who are also looking for a solution.

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