How to Remove Quick Access From Google Drive

Google Drive has a suggested section that helps users quickly access important files. But, for some reason, you may don’t want them to be on your Google Drive feed. So, if you want to learn how to remove quick access from google drive, this is the best place for you.

Fully-feature-packed Google Drive is the best cloud storage platform that also works with strong algorithms to help this quick access feature run more smoothly. But not always; sometimes, it may suggest unwanted or irrelevant things.

Why to Remove Quick Access From Google Drive

Quick access, popularly known as the suggested section, shows you those files frequently opened or shared, last opened, or opened at a specific time in the day.

Sometimes it might be helpful, but sometimes, it might be annoying as it takes up a lot of space on your Google Drive’s homepage. So obviously, it’ll make your drive account look messy.

If you want to make your drive account clean and tidy, then removing these quickly accessible files will be the best option.

How to Remove Quick Access From Google Drive

You can easily remove the quick access or suggested section from Google Drive, but you should use a PC as there’s no button to turn it off in the phone. Although it was available in the past, now it’s removed with the recent updates.

The quick access feature can be turned off from the Settings page. But, if you’re unfamiliar with all this stuff, you may trouble yourself. So, to help you do that, I have added the steps below.

Step 1: First, open any browser on your pc and navigate to

Step 2: If it doesn’t log you in, then use your credentials.

Step 3: After moving to the drive’s dashboard, click the gear icon on the top right.

Step 4: It’ll show you three options; simply click on Settings.

Step 5: You’ll be moved to the Settings page; ensure the General tab is selected on the left panel.

Step 6: Scroll down to the bottom till you see the Suggested Files section.

Step 7: You’ll get two options: “Show suggested files in My Drive” and “Show suggested files in ‘shared with me”; uncheck both.

Now, the suggested section will be removed, and your google drive account homepage will look clean. If you want to turn the suggested option on again in the future, you can easily do that by following the same steps and checking the boxes.

How to Remove Any Specific File From Google Drive’s Quick Access

If you don’t want to remove the whole section but one specific file, you have the authority to do that too.

In this case, it doesn’t matter what device you use, as this feature is available on both the PC and the Phone.

To help you easily remove any particular file from your Google Drive’s suggested section, here are the steps to do that:

Step 1: If you’re a PC user, Log in to Google Drive’s website on any browser or, in the case of a phone, open the Google Drive app.

Step 2: You’ll see all the suggested files on the homepage; Right-click on that specific file or tap the three dots beside it.

Step 3: It’ll open various options; simply select “Not a helpful suggestion” from the bottom.

Note: The file is removed temporarily, and google can suggest you in the future, too; no one can help you with that.

Make A File Starred Instead

Quick access helps you easily access the frequently opened files, but removing the section will no longer assist you. But don’t worry, Google Drive has another feature that allows users to star any file to find them quickly.

You can do that both on your PC and phone by following the steps below:

Step 1: Open your Google Drive account in a browser on your PC or open the app if you’re a phone user.

Step 2: Locate the file that you want to make starred and Right-click on it or click the three dots beside it.

Step 3: Simply select the “Add to Starred” option.

You can access those starred files from the Starred section on your drive account on your browser’s left panel or from the app’s bottom menu bar.


In this post, I helped you learn how to remove quick access from google drive. I explained the entire process with straightforward steps in simple words so that you could understand everything clearly.

Here, I also taught you how to remove only one specific file from the quick access menu and also guided you on marking any file as starred to find them later quickly.

Although I tried to cover everything about your query, the comment box is open if you still have anything to know.

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