How to Share a Folder on Google Drive

To learn how to share a folder on Google Drive, you must be here.

With the advent of file sharing, users can share their files and folders quickly and easily. Thanks to Google, which created the Google Drive platform to let people store and share files.

Sharing folders and files through Google Drive is the best way to collaborate with colleagues, parents, friends, or students. Especially students who take part in group projects would benefit from it.

You may include any media files like images, videos, audios, presentations in your folder and share the Google Drive Folder with your teammates.

So in this tutorial, I will teach you how to share a Google Drive folder with others.

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How to Share a Folder on Google Drive

You need to follow the following steps:-

Step 1: Visit and login into your account.

Step 2: Now, create a folder on Google Drive by clicking on the New + button, which is available on the left side menu.

new folder google drive

Step 3: Create a new folder by selecting the Folder option.

create a new folder

If you want to upload an existing folder, click on the Folder Upload option to upload the desired folder from your PC or Laptop.

folder upload

Step 4: Give a name to your folder, and then click on the Create button.

name the folder

Step 5: Now, your folder has been created, and you’re ready to upload the crucial files you want to. There are two ways to upload files inside your folder.

  • Drag and drop the files from your PC windows to your newly created folder.
  • Right-click anywhere inside your folder, and you will see options to upload files and folders.

Step 6: To share the Google Drive Folder, first open it. Here, you will see My Drive > [Folder’s Name] written at the top of the screen. 

Step 7: Click on the downward arrow beside the name of the folder. From here, a drop-down menu will appear; click on Share.

share a google drive folderStep 8: A dialog box will appear named Share with People and Groups. Here, you have to write the email addresses of users to which you want to share the drive folder.

share with people and groups

Quick Tip: To save your time, you can write the names of users, and it will automatically show you the email address.

If you need to edit permissions, click the Editor dropdown and select Viewer, Commenter, or Editor. Moreover, you can send a message to all individuals using the message box but don’t forget to tick the option Notify People.

editing permissions

Step 9: You can also share a folder by sharing a link. First, you have to click on the Get Link, and it will show a shareable link. Similarly, here also you can edit the permissions.

share a folder with link

Step 10: Next, click on the Copy Link button and paste the link wherever you want to share the Google Drive folder.

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How does Google Drive Folder’s Permission work?

I think now you know how to share a folder and edit the required permissions. However, there is a lot more to understand how Google Drive Folder’s permission works.

When you create a folder and share it with people or groups, the whole folder gets shared containing files and subfolders. Even the edit permission remains the same, and shared users can easily edit, copy, move, delete whenever they want.

Similarly, when you remove the user’s access to a folder, they immediately lose access to folders and their permissions.

So make sure when you give any permission to a folder, you know the things beforehand.

Quick Tip: If you want to share a folder, subfolder, or a file inside the root folder, then share it manually using the same steps discussed above. It will only give access to the desired files or folders.


How to share a google drive file or folder with one person?

To share the folder or a file with one person, you have to add only one person’s email address or share the link with the person you want to.

Why can’t I share a folder in a shared drive?

The option was not available earlier, but you can now share a folder in a shared drive and give access.

Final Words

I hope you have learned how to share a folder on Google Drive with easy steps. Using Google Drive for sharing files and folders is simple, convenient, and secure. You can follow the steps and be a pro. If you are facing any such difficulties, then you may comment down below. I will be happy to assist you.

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