How to Share a Video on Google Drive

One of the most commonly asked questions is “How to share a video on Google Drive?” While I was a beginner, even I searched a lot. 

Sharing videos on Google Drive is easy as pie! 

There are many reasons why you want to share videos on Google Drive for project work, entertainment, presentation work, and much more. 

So, today, I’m going to delve into this topic in order to help you learn how you can share a video on Google Drive. 

Is it possible to Share Videos on Google Drive?

The answer to this question is Yes, you can share it.

In fact, most users don’t even realize that they can share videos via Google Drive because this service is primarily used to share documents.

Just like sharing things on social media, sharing videos with Google Drive is also a secure way to send videos.

Additionally, it allows you to set user permissions, such as editor, viewer, commentator, or the video file’s user owner.

Sharing Videos on Google Drive: Permissions You Should Know

Now that you’ve chosen who you want to share videos with, it’s time to select the permission level.

Google Drive provides you with permission rights that let you control how others can access the files. 

google drive sharing permissions

Viewer: Users can only view the files; they cannot edit them, such as sharing files.

Commenter: You are free to comment and give suggestions, but you cannot share the file with others.

Editor: Here, you give the right to share the file with others and change or accept the suggestions.

Owner: You can also make someone the owner of a file. But remember, if you’re making someone the owner of your file, he/she can remove you, and you won’t be able to change share settings.

How to Share a Video on Google Drive?

So let’s know the required steps to share a video on Google Drive.

Step 1: Open your Google Drive by visiting

Step 2: Click on the + New button in your top left corner.

new button gdrive


Step 3: Now, here, if you want to upload the video file directly, select the file upload option. Or, if you prefer to share it via folder, you have two choices.

  • Directly upload a folder in which videos are available.
  • Or use Google Drive to create a folder and upload the videos there.

upload a file or create a folder

Step 4: Upload your video file, and you will receive a notification that says “Upload complete” in the right-bottom corner.

upload complete on google drive

Step 5: Right-click the video file and select the share option.

share a video via google drive

Step 6: A tab will appear named “Share with People and Groups.” Here, you need to add the email addresses of users with whom you want to share.

Tip: If you want to share with many people at once, use a Google Group name.

share with people and groups

Step 7: Choose the permissions you want to grant. Here, you can assign people to roles like editor, viewer, commentator, and even owner.

Tip: You can also leave a message to notify people. Click on Notify People, and then write your message in the appropriate field.

Step 8: Click Send when you’re done.

Step 9: There is also an option for creating a shareable link when you click on the Get Link button. Two options are available here, namely Restricted and Anyone with the link.

  • Restricted: By default, this option appears, which means if you share the link, only people added can open with this link.
  • Anyone with the link: With this option, you have the full right to share the link with anyone. Also, you can modify permission levels to edit, viewer, or comment.

sharing with get link

Tip: In order to share your file publicly on the web, you should use the Anyone with the link option.


So, I hope this article answered your question about “How to Share a Video on Google Drive.”

Now, you can upload and share videos with anyone quickly and effectively. All you have to do is follow the steps above, and then you’re all set. 

Google Drive is an easy, secure, and convenient way to share videos or any other files. Moreover, it lets you set permissions, which is an excellent way to control who can access your files and folders.

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