How to Share Google Drive Folder with Non Gmail Users

The process of sharing a Google Drive folder with a Gmail user is familiar to all.

But what if you need to share with someone who does not have a Gmail account?

There are many people who don’t use Google services and never had a Google account, for some reason. So, they will not be able to use the Google Drive service.

Google allows you to share folders without providing a Gmail address, but it is a bit cumbersome, and there are other services that simplify it.

This article is about how to share Google Drive folder with non gmail users.

Can you share Google Drive folder with non-Gmail users?

As it turns out, the answer is “yes.” You can share the folder with non-Gmail users.

But keep in mind that you cannot add files from the outside, and you need to be careful because this creates a sharing link for everyone in the world who knows it.

How to share Google Drive folder with non Gmail users?

There are two different ways in which you can share a Google Drive folder with a non-Gmail user.

Firstly, using an “Email Attachment” means you would need to provide the non-Gmail address of the person with whom you would like to share the folder or any file.

Secondly, use the “Anyone with the link” sharing option of Google Drive to share a folder with non-Gmail users.

In this example, I will share a folder named “Test Folder” with a non-Gmail user.

Method 1: Share Google Drive folder with Non-Gmail Users through Email Attachment

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Create a new folder if you haven’t one. Or, directly go to the folder that you want to share.

Step 3: To share, right-click on it and choose the “Share” option from the menu.

share google drive folder to non gmail user

Step 4: Here, a pop-up tab will be open named “Share with People and Groups.”

Step 5: Add the Non-Gmail address in the add people space with whom you want to share the google drive folder. Also, select the appropriate permission.

add the non gmail email address

Tip: Add a message in the message box if you want to convey something to that user. Also, you can tick the notify people option.

Step 6: Hit the “Send” button. (A pop tab will appear saying Share to Non-Google Account). Then, simply, you click on “Share Anyway.”

share to non google account

Now, the end-user will receive a message with the details about the folder that you shared. For more clarity, have a look at the image below.

google drive folder shared with you on yahoo

Step 7: To remove someone from your share list, simply click on three dashes (besides the user) and click on Remove.

Note: You can use the Google Drive public folder for sharing documents with non-Gmail users in a safer way.

Method 2: Share Google Drive folder with Non-Gmail Users with Anyone with the Link

Step 1: Choose the folder that you want to share with a non-Gmail user.

Step 2: Right-click on it and select the Share option.

Step 3: Now, simply click on the Get link option.

Step 4: Select the option called “Anyone with the link” by clicking on Restricted.

anyone with the link

Step 5: Now, a link will be generated. Click on it and copy the link.

copy the link

Step 6: Here, we will send an email using Gmail; you are free to use any other service you prefer.

Step 7: Click on Compose and write the non-Gmail email address.

compose button on gmail

Step 8: Fill in all the details, such as Subject and Body. Paste the copied link in the body and hit the Send button.

sharing google drive folder with anyone with the link

Great! You have successfully shared the Google Drive folder with a non-Gmail user.

Admin Rule for Sharing Google Drive with Non-Google Accounts

If you’re an administrator for a G Suite account, then this information will be helpful.

You must know, if you want to limit the share with the access on this link in Google Drive, you need to be a G Suite admin.

If not, then users will have full rights to manage and alter files.

If yes, it means that only those authorized by your domain administrators can access and modify this folder.

So, it is crucial to see that none of your files and folders goes out of your organization to any third party. Otherwise, the link to your folder may be forwarded to some wrong identity who may misuse it.

In some cases, there are also security reasons to limit share. For example, you may want to share DOCs with other businesses and want to make sure that they will not see anything more than the set of files and folders, which is essential for them. The same goes with sharing links in email attachments (for example, a sales department has a report and wants to share it with a marketing department).

What if your users are not under your domain?

Those users may have their own Google accounts (Gmail or Google Apps), but they should NOT be able to access anything other than the documents you give them unless specifically allowed by you.

That’s why Google released a new feature to allow you to share Google Drive with non-Gmail users.

When you share Google Drive with non-Gmail users, the change will not be visible to them.

You have a few options on how to set it up for your business (or personal use) and access it from within your domain as well:

Option 1: Allow all users under your domain to access the Google Drive folder without providing an invitation link, and they can view the file name but not download or edit them.

Option 2: You can specify a manager who will be responsible for the shared Google Drive folder, and he/she will have permission to share the folder with more users.

Option 3: Request an invitation link from your non-Gmail user or domain so that you can provide it to them, like if they want to email it to anyone else on their own domain.

Learn More: Visit this official google post to know better about Allow sharing to non-Google users.

Final Words

I hope this post was helpful in how to share google drive folder with non gmail users and I am sure you learned how to do it now.

Google Drive is a service from Google which enables users to store their data online and access them from anywhere using an internet connection. The main advantage of using Google Drive is that you can share the data with other Google services such as Gmail and Google Docs.

If you are a Gmail user, I’m sure you’ve come across this situation many times. You have an important attachment to send in your email, but you realize that the recipient doesn’t use Gmail or was not added to your contact list. In such cases, you can use Google Drive as an alternative. If you have a Google Drive account, it is pretty easy to share your files with other Google users or non-Google email accounts such as Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

You can try it out now and if you have any other queries regarding the article, feel free to ask them in the comments below. I’ll get back to you at the earliest.

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